CEO, Joe Vorih, speaks to Lean Focus about leveraging lean principles and creating value through Genuit Business System

Last month, our CEO Joe Vorih featured as a guest on “The Lean Catalyst” where he discussed how Genuit has embraced lean thinking to drive exceptional results.

At Genuit, we are embedding the principles and tools of lean management across our businesses to create value and drive out waste, improve margins and reduce working capital. Our Genuit Business System is a key enabler for accessing synergies and we will use it to standardise processes, share best practise amongst our brands and achieve the benefits of scale.

Our first deployment of a lean system was with our ADEY brand in late 2022 and has so far seen 25% productivity improvement on filter assembly, £200k savings year-to-date and 38% space saving, helping to assist site consolidation.

Through the interview, Joe offers his strategies, insights and practical wisdom that has helped guide him through his career and journey to leadership.

Some of our key takeaways include:

  • Put simply, lean processes are about engaging everyone in the business by empowering them and giving your employees the tools to make their job better.
  • A successful lean business leader needs to ensure three things; that the strategy for the company is the right one, that investments in people are being made and they are given opportunity to learn and finally that the systems of measurement are put in place. Data will help solve problems and make sure that any mistakes, which will inevitably be made in the learning phase, are quickly realised.
  • The fundamentals of a lean corporate culture should always include openness, encouraging people to speak up and create a safe environment where it’s okay to go and learn from failing along the way.
  • You need to make sure that your leadership team, whoever it may be that your leading, are aligned with the same lean principals. This isn’t something you can do yourself.  Creating an extended leadership team is crucial in reaching everyone in the business.
  • Sometimes as a leader you just have to be willing to get your hands dirty and show teams how a process works in action. Once you’ve seen people be hands on, working shoulder to shoulder, you realize how powerful that can be for others to see.

The interview was filmed by the team at Lean Focus, who help companies with their transformation journeys by creating high-performance cultures to drive results which are profitable, measurable and sustainable. 

You can watch the full interview here:

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