For more than 25 years, construction industry charity CRASH has brought together the professional expertise, products and donations of the construction industry to deliver projects for homelessness charities and hospices that benefit the most vulnerable in society. 

Genuit Group announce corporate partnership with CRASH.

We’re proud to announce that Genuit Group is now a Corporate Patron of CRASH, pledging to provide support from across the group to aid their construction and refurbishment of hospices, shelters and move-on accommodation that can make such a difference to the lives of people who are homeless, and children and adults receiving hospice care. 

CRASH does this by co-ordinating the professional expertise,  materials, and fundraising from across the construction industry, with resources supplied by some of the biggest companies operating in the sector.

Find out more about CRASH, here.

Joe Vorih, CEO, Genuit Group:

“The many accomplishments of CRASH demonstrate the real transformative power the construction sector can have for people needing shelter at some of the most difficult times of their lives.

“At Genuit Group we are keenly aware of our responsibility to create a better built environment and sustainable living that also benefits the most vulnerable in our society, so we are excited to become a patron for the charity, joining many of our peers in the industry.

“I know we have the talent and dedication throughout our group to have a positive impact working with CRASH, and we’re looking forward to seeing our systems be put to use on some very deserving projects.”

Francesca Roberts, Chief Executive at CRASH: 

“I am delighted to welcome Genuit Group as a Corporate Patron of CRASH Charity. Corporate Patron companies are the lifeblood of our charity, underpinning every construction and refurbishment project CRASH delivers. I am confident that through their multiple business units, Genuit Group will provide much needed support, expertise and materials to homelessness charities and hospices across the UK. 

“A partnership that the people of Genuit Group can be proud to be part of – together we will construct places that care for people.” 

For any further information, contact us.

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