Genuit recognised in this year’s FTSE Women Leaders Review and tops list for the Construction and Materials sector

We are proud to announce that Genuit has been recognised in this year’s FTSE Women Leaders Review, a business-led initiative aimed at enhancing gender diversity in leadership positions of the UK’s largest private companies.

Following significant progress in the last year, Genuit has reached the tenth position for female representation in the combined Executive Committee and Direct Reports category for FTSE 250 firms and tops the list for businesses in the Construction and Materials sector.

The latest report also highlights Genuit’s achievement in exceeding 40% Women on Boards at least two years ahead of the 2025 target deadline.

At Genuit, we are focused on developing the diversity of our workforce, recognizing the critical role this plays in delivering on our ambitions. We want to be able to attract people from the widest possible talent pool and are taking steps to achieve a group-wide gender mix in line with the Hampton-Alexander recommendations and requirements.

It is great to see the progress that is being made in British businesses in achieving greater gender balance in its leadership positions. The main findings from the report shows that:

  • Women on Boards: this year the FTSE 350 has seen further gains, reaching a historic high of 42.1% women on Boards, from a mere 9.5% in 2011.
  • Women in Leadership: women now hold over a third (35%) of leadership roles in the FTSE 350 (defined as the Executive Committee and their Direct Reports) and 30% of FTSE 100 Executive Committee roles.
  • Appointment Rate: appointment rate of women into leadership roles still leans in favour of men with more than six out of every ten vacancies in the year being filled by a man. To achieve the 40% Women in Leadership target, almost every other appointment over the next two years will need to be awarded to a woman.
  • International Comparisons: The UK maintains second position in the international rankings, behind quota led France and above Norway, cementing the UK’s reputation as a world leader on gender balance. This has been achieved through a unique voluntary approach both at pace and scale – encompassing 350 listed companies compared to just 40 in France and 25 in Norway.

Whilst progress is being made and companies across the UK are reaping the rewards of diverse perspectives, improved governance and innovation, at Genuit we will continue to push to create a more diverse talent pool. This means as well as gender, we strive for better representation across ethnicities, sexual orientation, disabilities and backgrounds.

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