A reflection of our impact: Earth Day 2024

To mark Earth Day 2024, we sat down with our Sustainability Manager, Dylan Stoppard to reflect on Genuit’s environmental impact.

“At Genuit Group, environmental protection is at the heart of everything we do. Our comprehensive strategy, “Sustainable Solutions for Growth,” prioritises science-based decarbonisation and advancing the circular economy. This translates into industry-leading decarbonisation targets and best-in-class utilisation of recycled materials.”

Q: Lets talk about carbon impact….

As a business we’ve significantly reduced our carbon intensity from 2019 by some 48.6% and continue to reduce our absolute emissions of carbon. We continue to publish our greenhouse gas inventory annually (check out our 2023 annual report for the latest figures, which include a breakdown of our scope 3 emissions by category) and have approved near-term climate change targets with the Science-Based Target initiative and a long-term Net Zero target currently pending validation.

Q: What about the impact of Genuit’s products and solutions?

I think the video below sums up how Genuit’s solutions are impacting our planet and society but as a business we focus on providing solutions for the built environment that enables society to better manage the impacts of climate change. We help manage the effects of extreme rainfall and flooding with rain and stormwater drainage solutions. We’re increasing biodiversity through sustainable solutions for blue-green roofs, Swift Bricks and Bat Ridge Roosts. We provide solutions that lower the carbon impact for our customers whether that low carbon products or solutions that reduce carbon emissions e.g. our ADEY boiler filter system that reduces carbon emissions by increasing the heating system efficiency. We also help improve indoor air quality and offer innovative heating and cooling solutions such as Nuaire’s MRXBOX hybrid cooling system. Our efforts to provide sustainable solutions has been recognised through Genuit Group being awarded the London Stock Exchange Green Economy Mark

Genuit Purpose Video

Q: We can’t mark Earth Day without talking about plastic

We recognise that rigid plastics play a vital role in sustainable water management, rainwater solutions and other critical components of the built environment. Often, they represent the low-carbon sustainable solution for many challenges faced by society when compared to other materials. Our goal is to deliver these solutions in the most sustainable way possible, providing transparent data through our numerous Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

We actively contribute to a more circular economy by diverting plastic waste destined for landfill through of use of recycled polymers.  This plastic is then reborn as long-lasting, high-performance products that play a vital role in the built environment.  From construction materials and civil water management systems to rainwater harvesting solutions and other critical infrastructure components, our recycled plastics are a sustainable alternative with a positive impact.

This is just one facet of our unwavering commitment to a more sustainable future. Currently, nearly 50% of our processed polymer comes from recycled sources, a testament to our dedication to closing the loop. A significant factor behind this success is our very own state-of-the-art polymer processing plant, which transforms millions of used milk bottles each year into these award-winning sustainable products. (Check out this short video of our own recycling plant)

Genuit Group is also proud to be a signatory to Operation Clean Sweep, a critical industry initiative focused on eliminating plastic pellet loss to the environment.  We take this commitment a step further by actively working with industry organisations to develop best-in-class standards for plastic pellet control and management.  Our leadership in this area ensures not only that our own sites operate at zero plastic pellet loss, but also that the entire industry adopts stricter protocols to safeguard our environment.

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