We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and products by focusing on reducing overall emissions, without resorting to carbon offsetting.

On the road to being net zero by 2050, we’re setting ourselves short term goals, providing updates along the way. 




reduction of CO2 emissions

We will develop a clear carbon roadmap addressing renewable energy.

We will optimise transport and source low-carbon materials, without resorting to offsets.

We aim to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and by 2025 we aim to have reduced our scope one and two carbon impact by 66%, without offsetting. In 2020 we achieved full ISO 50001 accreditation for energy management systems and our carbon emissions (tCO2e) reduced by 7.8% in the year.

Our solutions are not only helping tackle air quality, alleviating flooding and helping transport the precious resource of water, but they help reduce carbon in our environment.

Installing our systems designed to incorporate more tree planting and biodiversity in our cities increases the level of carbon absorption and reduces the level of heat island effect. One tree has the capability of absorbing one tonne of CO2 over its lifetime.

Using our heat recovery solutions with the latest digital controls gives buildings likes offices, the benefit of high heat exchange and low power consumption enabling their ability to reduce carbon consumption.


Our Customers – We regularly meet with our customers to understand the goals they have around energy consumption and carbon reduction both in the buildings they create and as part of their supply chain improvements.

Our Investors – Whether adopting new efficient sources of energy in our factories or developing solutions to help our customers reduce carbon, by providing evidence of our sustainable solutions to tackle carbon, we’re clearly demonstrating how we are achieving our ESG targets.

Our Employees – Encouraging dialogue and accountability in our energy consumption links to our culture and values, improving satisfaction levels within our employees as they work for a business that cares about its impact on their environment.

Our Suppliers – We have a rigorous vetting process for our suppliers, looking to partner with those that are also working to reduce their impact on our climate.

Our Communities & Environment – The effects of climate change hit our communities and our environment the most. We have a role to play not only at local level, but within the built environment to reduce our impact and build a more sustainable future.

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